Monday, March 8, 2010

Reexaming the Epic Backlog

When I founded the Epic Backlog blog last year, I thought it would be fascinating to write reviews for the video games that I completed. The act of writing about my games was to serve as a motivating factor to propel me from game to game, with you acting as accountability partners. Ever so slowly, I began to gain a readership (mostly through spamming various social networks), and I struggled to find a way to make your experience an interesting one.

I think it might be time to reexamine the purpose of this blog.

According to Google Analytics, the average amount of time that you spend on my blog is 3 minutes. This would lead me to believe that I’m not doing a good enough job of making the Epic Backlog a worthwhile investment of your time.

My response to this assumption is that I need to stop writing reviews. Let’s be honest: I’m not providing anything particularly unique or compelling by reviewing the games in my backlog. What I can provide are mildly entertaining anecdotes about playing games.

Your readership has been very inspiring to me, and I want to return the favor by writing things that you want to read. What sort of content do would you like to see on the Epic Backlog? Less reviews? More personal stories? Would you like me to stop writing?

Feel free to comment!

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