Friday, February 12, 2010

Dragon Age Journeys

Dragon Age Journeys is a free browser-based RPG that BioWare and EA2D put together as a promotion for BioWare's recent release, Dragon Age: Origins.

The obvious intention of the developers was to create a story set in the Dragon Age world and scale it down into something that could be experienced in a couple hours. And it does, in fact, play out like a lite version of Dragon Age. All of the mechanics in Dragon Age: Origins are present in Dragon Age Journeys (except for the real-time battles, which have been replaced with turn-based tactical ones), and its all set to a not great linear quest.

The real hook in Dragon Age Journeys is that you can link the game to your EA account and unlock some pretty nice items that can be downloaded into your Dragon Age: Origins game.

Dragon Age Journeys manages to capture the essence of its retail-released cousin in a cute little cel-shaded package. So if you're curious about the Dragon Age world, head on over to and find out if the fight against the darkspawn is something that interests you.

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